Wednesday, 20 May 2009

are you a pigeon fancier?

My plan for tomorrow is to check out the above exhibition. I'm confident it's going to be pretty wonderful.

Unfortunately I'll be missing out on the pigeon liberation, which is taking place on Monday (c'est un d├ęsastre!) so if any of you happen to go then please do document it as I am very curious indeed.

Will make sure to fill you in on the exhibition once I've been, but if you want any other information before then just head on over to the website.


  1. did you see those pigeons playing ping pong? amazing

  2. playing ping pong???? what is this you speak of?
    oh, actually...was it that really small screen by the steps? Me & Yumi watched it for a bit but nothing seemed to be happening and our attention was grabbed by the BIG screen with the pigeon-cam.
    a GOOD exhibition indeed.